Westcadia 170 Campervan Conversion

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Our model of the 170 Mercedes Sprinter has 3 layout versions with different pricing.  They offer much more room than the 144 Westcadia, carrying and sleeping up to 5 using an OEM Mercedes seat (if your van came with one).

We’ve added convenience and efficiency by only using 12V diesel appliances - so you only have to fill your fuel tank and you’re good to go! The Victron Lithium power system is charged by solar, and the engine’s alternator, with options for shore power connections, to keep you charged on the go; we’ve kept it small, but easily expandable.

The van has a host of features including:

Insulation and Soundproofing
We start by covering the floor and cab with a sound proofing insulator - Rattle Trap. Then we insulate the walls with rigid polyisocyanurate panels that we have CAD modelled, and CNC cut. Then we seal it with closed cell polyurethane spray foam for a tight fit. With over 100 different shaped pieces in each kit, we feel this saves a ton of time.

  • Rattle Trap floor and cab covering for soundproofing
  • EkoFoil Rigid panels deliver a quiet, warm cabin, with R6 - R18 insulation in the walls and ceiling

We use the diesel fuel tank so that you can run all your appliances off diesel, starting with a super efficient Espar D2 heater. We add aftermarket opening side windows, and cut a hole in the roof for a fan to manage ventilation. Fan upgrades and additional heaters are optional.         

  • 2 opening side windows with screens from CR Lawrence to replace existing fixed windows.
  • Additional windows available depending on the configuration of your van.
  • Espar D2 12V DC Diesel air heater under passenger seat
  • Maxxair Fan 7500K

Electrical/Lighting System
Our Victron Lithium electrical system is designed to power all the additions to the van on a DC based system, while a small inverter chargers laptops and phones with AC power. We keep the system charged using your existing alternator, solar, and shore power for 15 or 30 Amp connections at home and on the road.

  • 180Ah Victron Lithium Battery System; upgradeable to up to 270 or 360Ah
  • Victron Color Monitor lets you visually see what’s happening with your system, and monitor via wifi from a phone app, or your computer.
  • Victron 500 W Inverter with AC for your laptop, while the rest of the system runs DC
  • 30Amp shore power charging can be plugged into your home or at campgrounds.
  • 100W Solar Panel upgradeable to 500W
  • Vehicle Alternator connection for charging at approximately 40Amps. If you ordered the extra alternator housing, a second can be added for 200Amps of charging.
  • 6 LED 12V DC soft white puck lights
  • Dimmable LED 12V DC undercount strip lighting

Interior Upgrades
Our interiors are designed to be durable, beautiful, and eco-friendly.

  • Solid Core and Euro Core Maple Plywood (NAUF, and FSC when available) for wall and ceiling panels, secured with stainless fastener.
  • Overhead Cabinets use Blum cabinet hardware, 80/20 aluminium exoskeletons, and our refinished europly plywood to build these cabinets. They are lighter, stronger and longer lasting than traditional cabinet construction.
  •  Driver Side from behind driver to edge of bed,
  • Passenger side above sink. Solid Cork Flooring with ceramic reinforced coating for durability.
  • Shelter Headliner Shelf - 5052 Aluminum Shelf above the driver and passenger seats.
  • Removeable Swivel Table behind swivelling front seats made of 3/4” Europly Maple
  • Platform Bed - High height with reinforced framing supports in the window wells.
  • Extruded Aluminum frame with 1/2” europly maple pre-finished formaldehyde free plywood is place at the window height to utilize the flare bump outs. Up to 79” long perpendicular to the van.            
  • Bunk Beds above and below the platform bed 24” wide x 72” long sleep parallel to the van.
  • Bench seat in kitchen area has a second table and transforms into a bed at night.
  • Note: custom bed mattresses are available, but not included; mattresses are quite particular with each client.

This custom galley will be mounted on the drivers side of the van.

  • Wallas XC Duo
  • Upgradeable to a Wallas with integrated cover fan for interior heating ( + 1500)
  • ARB pull out 50 quart Fridge/Freezer can be unplugged and taken into your destination
  • Upgradeable to a front mounted Dometic CFX95 Dual Fridge/Freezer (+995)
  • Counter Sink & Foldable Tap gives you more counter space when not in us
  • 50L fresh water and 23L Grey Water Tank and larger Undermount Water Tank
  • Espar Hot Water Heater for sink and gear was is 12V DC Diesel and sits beneath the van.
  • Outdoor Gear Wash

Exterior Upgrades

  • Matt black Mercedes symbols for front grill and back door
  • Front Fender flare covers
  • Sikaflex body panel clips as the factory installation leads to rust.

Westcadia 170 Layout Version 3 uses flares to provide room to sleep 5, and doesn’t rely on the air mattresses so you get to keep the table in use.  It has an upper bunk single, a middle double, and a lower bunk single, then a lower bench bed in the kitchen areas.