Sprinter 170HR Insulation Kit

Shelter OVC

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We have templated the two most common Sprinter vans in the current model year, and pre-cut polyisocyanurate Iko Enerfoil insulation to fit.

We chose this rigid insulation due to it’s high R-value (6.2/inch). Depending on the cavity shape and depth, we combine 1” and 1.5” pieces in glued assemblies to rough fit to accommodate variations across vans. 

 We use closed cell, single component polyurethane foam to create a tight fit, vapour barrier, and to avoid any heat-based body deformations caused by two components foams. We feel this is the most effective option for insulating vans, and aim to save you time. It’s lighter weight than most materials, and will not mold. 

We sell the panels separately, with foam canisters, PL, and foil tape for install.