NEW - Airstream Interior Vent Hood

Shelter OVC
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Un-satisfied with the options on the market, we started to fabricate our own aluminum range hoods to fit out our airstreams. 

Our vent hood comes with:
  • Two LED lights
  • Air filter
  • Two 12V DC switches
  • Or one 12V DC and one 120V AC, depending on your fan install.
They comely rough sanded for either powdercoat or clearcoat depending on the look you’re after. Fan not included.
We do not include the vent as some folks prefer to reuse the airstream side vent. We are adding larger greenhouse fans with AC power with higher CFM. They range from 700-1000 CFM - roughly 7 - 14 inches wide. 
As every airstream will have slightly different curves and mounting locations, we send them uncut for you to scribe. Alternatively, if you would like to send us a scribe of the location we can cut it for you. Please contact us by email if you would like these options. 
  • Scribe cut to fit - 300
  • Powdercoat - 150
  • Clearcoat -  75