Mobile Veterinarian Van

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Our first Mobile Vet Van was designed for an Equine Vet on Vancouver Island, who was upgrading from a Bowie truck box insert. The van seats 4 in a 144 High Roof 4x4 2500 Sprinter. It is designed to act as a mobile and home office, with tons of removeable secured storage.

Features include:

  • Espar diesel air heater 
  • Espar diesel hot water for hand washing, with water supply for one week
  • Shelter skid plates for fuel tank and engine
  • Engel drawer fridge for vaccine storage
  • 510Ah Victron Supercycle AGM battery bank
  • 800 Watt Victon inverter powering 4 AC plugs, for laptop, printer, and centrifuge
  • 15 Amp Victron shore power charger for overnight charging
  • Alternator charging with 30 Amp Victron DC to DC charger
  • Washdown rack with hose mounted to the rear door 
  • Lockable cabinet doors, with removeable, washable rubbermaid bins
  • Adjustable desk/table in rear seat
  • Printer storage and side door desk. 
  • Anodized aluminum faced europly cabinetry
  • Expertec industrial floor upgrade

Base price for these conversions, in this layout, begin at $125,000; not including the van itself, or taxes.