Do you have a finished van we can buy?
We mostly work on vans supplied by clients, but occasionally have a demo model for sale. Please see the "Currently Available" section.
Do you work on vans other than Mercedes Sprinters?
At this point, we do not. We chose to specialize on this platform. 
Why did you choose the Mercedes?
We chose to work on the Sprinters because of the build quality, the 4x4 option, and the diesel fuel. We do not use propane. We like the safety of diesel and the convenience of only filling one tank on the road. All our heaters and stoves are made to run on diesel. We also like the diesels for the future potential to burn R100 (a commercially refined biodiesel used in the Vancouver City Fleet). 
How do I start?
Please complete the brief" Design Your Van" form, and we’ll be in touch. We also suggest going out and driving the various Sprinter models to decide which suits you best. 
How long does it take to complete a conversion?
Our CORE conversions take 4-6 weeks, and full conversions up to 3 months of shop production time, if we have a spot in our queue. We generally need a minimum of 4-6 weeks to order in all the parts, and build the cabinetry depending on the build. 
How far forward do we need to book?
We have had production waitlists of up to 6 months at times, but get in touch; sometimes clients have to postpone projects and we may be able to squeeze you in. 
Can we do part of the build? Or build it over time?
Yes! We designed the CORE system for tradespeople who wanted to finish the vans themselves, but wanted us to put in the systems to get them going. Others start with the CORE, and have us build it out over time. 
Do you use non-toxic or environmentally friendly 
Yes! With backgrounds in sustainability consulting we aim to use non-toxic and sustainable materials wherever possible. 
Do you supply the vans?
We do not, but can help put you in touch with dealers, and can help recommend what to look for in a van. We do not take any referral fees or make any money from the vans themselves. 
How much do they cost?
The conversion prices range for $25,000 for a CORE build; with full conversions starting around $65,000 up to $100,000.
Where are you located and when can i stop by?
We are located near downtown Victoria, B.C. We are by appointment only, and will give you directions when we book an appointment. 
Do you work with US based clients?
Yes! We have worked with several clients, and can help arrange shipping and brokerage across the border if you are unable to drive up. 
How long have you been in business? 
We have been in business since 2017 and have done more than 3 dozen Sprinter conversions, and half a dozen Airstreams. We have a team of just over a dozen, and can have up to 5 projects at any given time in our shop.