Dental Hygiene Van - 144

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Shelter has developed a Dental Hygiene van for mobile access to clients. We provide the layout and conversion. The dental equipment, and the van itself, is sourced by your company. Our first version is in a High Roof 170 Wheelbase Mercedes Sprinters, which is great for rural areas. This year we launched a 144 Wheelbase model for more urban environments.  As with our camper van conversions, we only work on the Mercedes platform. 

Pricing for the 144 base layout in a new Sprinter starts around $150,000:

Conversions start at $70,000

Base 2WD 144 Sprinter, approx $65,000 

Dental equipment, approximately $25,000

* pricing subject to change without notice. 

Conversion timelines require 2-3 months of prebooking; which is used to order and fabricate parts. The conversion itself then takes another 2-3 months, when there is a production spot in the queue.