Rough in Ready Airstream - 1973 31'

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Rough in Ready 1973 31’ Texada Airstream for Sale!

After receiving several requests we are offering Rough-in-Ready airstreams, that are gutted, partially plumbed, resealed, floor replaced and belly insulated, with electrical conduit run for you to build out the Airstream interior of your dreams. We can also add insulation, plumb, and build electrical systems to match your layout. 
The Rough-in-Ready on this build includes:
  • Fully gutted shell with all plumbing and electrical removed. 
  • New floor installed, floor cavity is insulated with rigid board filled with spray foam. 
  • Wall panels are patched, sanded, coated with KilZ coated plus a primer white and tacked in place. 
  • Exterior door and window seals have all been replaced.
  • Windows seals taken apart, resealed, and window hardware replaced. 
  • Two lexan skylights installed.
  • Blueskin spray on the exterior walls helps mitigate condensation build up and leaks. 
  • Custom made end cap in the front seating area
Optional -
Electrical System Buildout - build around your layout requirements. 
Rain screen Insulation Package - this system uses building science principle to mitigate water infiltration, but also assumes some may occur, so sloped channels are places in the walls with 3D printed speciality venting to allow moisture to escape.