Wallas Diesel Single Cook Top Heater

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The Wallas Single Top gives you a stove and heater in one, that uses diesel as fuel straight from your tank.The sealed burner unit means no exposed flames, no moisture added to the cabin from flames, and a non-explosive fuel source. The Cooktop has one burner for boiling with the second burner heating passively to for low heat and simmers.

They operate on very little fuel (1 per 10hrs), and only 0.7 amps /hr of 12V DC. With the fan blower lid attached, the stove top become an auxiliary heater producing (950-1400 watts) 3,200 - 4,800 btu's that runs much quieter than an Espar D2 when installed in the cabin.

The main drawbacks with diesel stoves are the upfront cost, and the slow heat up time. We figure slowing down is part of vanlife... but if you're in a rush, check out some induction top options, which are cheap, fast, but require much larger battery banks, and/or shore power to operate. Either way, Shelter OVC has you covered.